Block Producer Candidate
Vancouver, Canada

Block Producer account name: eosvancouver

About Us

Welcome to EOS Van, an EOS Block Producer candidate with a experienced technical team and influential community members located in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver has been an early pioneer of the crypto economy, and its tech-savvy and crypto-friendly community, coupled with Canada’s stable economy make Vancouver an ideal location for blockchain development and adoption.

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Our expertise building enterprise applications used by several of the largest organizations in North America, makes the EOS Van team an ideal candidate to architect, deploy and maintain reliable and scalable EOS block production infrastructure.

We also recognize the vital role public outreach and education plays in bringing any technology to mainstream adoption, and as such we’ve built strong ties within the local community and beyond, tirelessly advocating and educating through meetups, social media and community forums.

Victor Hogrefe

Academic Advisor

Chen Li

Technical Architect

Yonel Yonkov

Technical Advisor

Guowei Huang

Community Outreach

Technical Details

During the initial launch stage of the EOS MainNet, we will run dual-node clusters across two availability zones using AWS (Amazon Web Services). This cloud based tiered solution will provide the performance, scalability and high availability necessary to meet the growing needs of the nascent EOS network.

Once we’ve gathered enough performance data to gain a solid understanding of the EOS blockchain’s requirements - we plan on moving the block producing nodes to bare-metal servers in Vancouver, co-located with our partners Vling (Vling is a leading colocation company based in Vancouver). Running bare-metal servers in a Vancouver based data center helps to increase the geographic diversity of EOS block producing nodes, and thus improves the overall resiliency of the EOS blockchain.

Network Topology

The diagram below details our AWS network infrastructure, designed for performance and high availability:


  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) and AWS Shield (Advanced) will be used to provide protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.
  • Elastic Load Balancer will provide another layer of protection, redirecting traffic to the failover VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) if the primary VPC or it’s availability zone goes down.
  • CloudWatch is used to proactively monitor the block producing node’s health and status, automatically alerting our team so we can resolve the issue before the situation becomes critical.

Primary and Backup Block Producer Node on AWS

Cloud-based servers will be used within the first several month after the launch of EOS MainNet

Server Model x1.32xlarge
CPU Intel Xeon E7 8880 v3, 128 vcpu core
Memory 2TB (1952 GB) RAM
Hard Drive 4096 GB SSD LOCAL PCIe 3.0
Network 10 GB (up to 25 GB)

Primary and Backup Block Producer Bare Metal Node

Bare Metal servers will be used after we have a good understanding of the traffic throughput of the MainNet

Server Model Lenovo 3650 M5
CPU Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4, 44 cores
Memory 1TB DDR4 RAM
Storage 10 TB
Network 1 GB (up to 10 GB)

Features of Our System

EOS Van will actively contribute to, and work with the EOS block producer community, in helping to develop an robust, scalable, and high availability architecture that will automatically failover to secondary systems in the event of a primary system failure.

EOS Mainnet Monitor

Organization: EOS Vancouver
Producer name: eosvancouver

Road Map

This timeline details our community and
development goals.

  • March - April 2018

    Design, architect and deploy Block Production
    infrastructure, add BP nodes to community Testnets.

  • May 2018

    Infrastructure validation and load testing; verify BP node
    stability and scalability. Prepare for launch of EOS MainNet.

  • May - August 2018

    Community outreach; build partnerships with developers
    and leaders in the blockchain community to foster the creation
    of DApps (Decentralized Applications) on the EOS blockchain.

  • June - September 2018

    Education; promote the creation of EOS development
    labs in conjunction with local educational institutions,
    such as The University of British ColumbiaBCIT,
    and Simon Fraser University. Hosts EOS hackathons
    for students and developers in the labs.

  • September - December 2018

    Continue to grow the EOS ecosystem by creating online
    tutorials and courseware for EOS DApp development;
    Udemy and/or Udacity.

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