EOS VAN – Code of Conduct

EOS Van believes in an EOS ecosystem that is driven by the community for the good of the community, instead of ruled by select groups or individuals. We strongly believe EOS will attract the best talent in the blockchain community, empowering the EOS community to grow, and eventually thrive. In support of this, we propose that should we be elected as a block producer, 30% of our inflation rewards will be contributed in support of projects that highlight the potential of EOS, thereby helping to support the creation of a diverse dApp (Distributed Application) ecosystem on the EOS blockchain.

We have a strict "no tolerance" policy with regards to the concept of "vote buying"; EPBs (Elected Block Producers) using inflation rewards to pay out "dividends" to EOS token holders with the intention of influencing their vote (in the EBP's favor). This will not be tolerated by us, nor by the EOS community.